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graphic design, web development & marketing

We Know What it Means to Be A Landscape Contractor (Literally)

Our Ring Leader & Creative Director, Adam, is also a Landscape Architect. He grew up working with his family’s landscape company (and lends a hand with design, laying sod, or runnin’ the cut off saw when called upon, or told - you know how it is dealing with family). Having been in the industry for 18 years, he knows what a contractor being is - he’s lived it.

That isn’t to say this is a new venture though, we've been in business with Pure for 10 years. Now we've simply combined our knowledge of graphics, web & marketing with our landscape industry knowledge.

graphic design, web development & marketing
Website made for Zaron Landscape

Web Design + Development

Generate Leads, Showcase Your Work

How do most people find businesses and services today? Online or referral. (Most referrals will still do a quick google search for an online background check though.) So how does your current website look? Can someone even find you online? Does it reflect your quality of work and the differentiator you provide in the market? Bottom line is, would you hire yourself based on what your website showcases?

Our Work

OMC Landscape Architecture

Our Work

Landscape Depot

Graphic Design and Print Collateral

How's Your Presentation?

You land that meeting with the qualified client, you propose they spend all their hard-earned dollars with your company. Does your printed presentation give confidence to the client to move forward? Print isn’t dead - it’s a sales tool that’s part of your story. If your work is quality, the material you bring to a meeting should reflect that attention to detail. We offer a wide variety of print products that can be tailored to your brand ranging from business cards, services flyers and brochures, presentation folders, envelopes and much more.

Brochure made for Zaron Landscape

Branding + Logo Design

Clip Art Doesn't Cut It

Is your business recognizable? Do you have a brand identity that reflects your target audience and the work you do? Image, recognition, experience and perception are only critical components of a brand’s identity. Logo design, complete identity packages (business cards, stationery, social media, website), and brand standards development are our areas of expertise. Let us help you represent what you do and who you are.

Ooo Pretty Photos

Video + Photography

You can build the best, most creative, amazing projects in the world but the photos you take need to do the projects justice. Phone photos just won't cut it anymore (especially landscaper phones with the camera all foggy and scratched, covered in dirt and dust). Let’s not forget video though, which can not only capture your beautiful work but tell a story about your company or the project at the same time.

Marketing Campaigns

We can develop a digital campaign for you or take your idea and bring it to life across your website, social media and mailing list. The sky's the limit.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an excellent way to connect with current, past, and prospective clients on the latest happenings and promotions your company has to offer. We highly recommend you start building your mailing list today.

Social Media

Simple account setup, graphics, content creation, and platform management - we can set it up, and we can even run it for you.

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We are a Hamilton, ON based company.

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